Nexgen News - April 2021

FAST FACTS - Proper testing of Non-shrink grout:

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Over 50% of poor test results come from poor sampling techniques.

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The use of an improper load rate can alter compressive strength values on grout test specimens by 30% to 40%.

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Concrete and grout should never be sampled and tested identically.

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ASTM C 579 (using Load Rate II) is the preferred and correct method for testing epoxy grouts and it often requires a testing lab to modify or adjust their equipment to the specified load rate.

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The best grout manufacturers have technical people that can help you work through these issues – and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Assuming you're using a high-performance grout and not an $8.00 /bag product, your grout manufacturer should be able to work through any testing issues.

April Tech Talk Presentation:

Tech Talk Testing
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