Ensure The Success of Your Project

From product selection to best practices installation techniques, to quality control testing, Nexgen brings 30 years of experience in grouting and concrete rehabilitation to ensure your installation is done right the first time.


Grouting and concrete repair can be critical path processes on projects that lack the necessary experience or oversight to ensure success. Costs associated with improperly grouted equipment or poor concrete repairs can mount quickly. Proper planning, use of best practices, documentation and testing make up the recipe for a successful installation. 


Nexgen is committed to ensuring proper product installation - the first time.  From application prep and placement to site quality control testing and post-placement analysis, Nexgen provides the expertise to ensure application placements are done successfully and on time. 

Replacement installation & Training:

Let Nexgen provide your team with online and on-site technical presentations geared specifically to your applications and installations. 

Product Placement:

the number of manufacturers who offer direct technical services with their products continues to dwindle. The need to ensure proper product placement to ensure a successful project, however, never goes away. Nexgen provides project management services during product placement including written reports and visuals documenting every aspect of your installation.

Site Quality Control Training:

In conjunction with CCRL certified labs, Nexgen can perform site QC sampling and testing during product installations. 

Forensic Analysis & Testing:

Nexgen Provides your team with the expertise you need in the post mortem analysis of in-place materials, methods and conditions that may have contributed to product failure. 


Product/Product Manufacturer Updates:

Nexgen will help you to stay current with the latest product information to ensure it meets specifications required to ensure the success of your project.